November 12, 2011

If I Had 10 Years to Live

Which would you rather regret , what you did? Or what you didn't do?

I would certainly add more life to my days. Which makes me think , what is stopping me from doing that anyway? Do I need to wait until I'm on my death bed to live life to the fullest?

If I only had ten more years to live, I would get married and undo the knot in my fallopian tubes that is stopping me from having more children. I needn't worry about them not having their mother cause by worrying it won't add years to my life anyway .

I would start taking control of my health; lose weight , exercise , fast twice a week, change my diet to eating only raw food, stop smoking, grow my own food, get a water purifier, pray more rosaries , attend daily mass and adoration once or twice a week.

Those are just a few things I would do differently. I also think I would like to take a creative writing course or perhaps get a MA in English and GET A REAL LIFE!

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