November 26, 2011

'The Christmas List'

The Christmas ListThe Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

James Kier is a scrooge who embarks on a quest to turn his life around after seeing his own obituary . When he reads some nasty comments about him that were left online by his co-workers, it makes him realize that he didn't want to be remembered for what he was~evil . Only his soon to be ex-wife showed any sympathy at all.......

His Christmas List involves 5 people to whom he feels the need to apologize make amends for ruining their life.

It brought tears to my eyes when his wife Sara dies. I don't think this is a spoiler since we all knew as did Sara that she didn't have much longer.  If you liked the Christmas Carols' story of the scrooge and how he changed from being a mean old merciless grump to a caring simpathetic kind and compassionate human being then you will like this book. I found it to be well written , it easily flowed from one chapter to the next and I enjoyed it . It's a great book for the holiday.

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  1. I have just read this amazing book in three hits . What a brilliant book it was . Afraid I have to disagree and give it 5 stars

  2. Hi Tracy ! good to see you :) It was pretty amazing , you're right .

  3. Thank you for drawing my attention to this book Jackie, it sounds wonderful, heart-warming and emotional, perfect for the holidays.

  4. Hi ! It is . It's a great read and you're welcome :)


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