November 11, 2011

What book am I thankful for?

Thanks to a tweet from @twimom101, I was directed to this wonderful book giveaway at Beth Revis' blog . All's we are asked to do is share a book we are thankful for.

Ihaven't read nearly as much in my lifetime as most of you probably have, so I definitely need to win these books.... If I must say which book I am most thankful for then it would have to be the Smurfs (schtroumpfs in french) and Peeweet (Pirlouit in french) .

The Smurfs and the Magic Flute is awesome :) At the same time there was Johan and Pirlouit. Had I not read these graphic books I would probably not have as much love for the English language or reading and writing as I do. So kudos for comic books! I started school in french so most of my reading in English was through comic books and I still like to read childrens books from great authors like Robert Munsch. Anyway.... I also loved Ivanhoe as a kid .

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