October 2, 2009

No room at the Inn

I've been reading the Poem of the Man-God lately. I saw a picture on the internet that reminded me that I probably should write a blog about it and because a priest once told me that I need to read a book and write about it so here goes...
When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem for the census, before entering the city, they had met a shepherd, Elias, who gave them some milk, and who was one of the shepherds the angel of the LORD had appeared to announce the birth of the Savior.
Joseph and Mary were told that it was going to be impossible for them to find a room in the hotel, since many visitors were coming from all over the place and that he knew of a place they could stay. The shepherds, in particular, Elias, were hospitable and charitable to Mary and Joseph. Elias even went to Hebron to tell Zacharias and Elizabeth the news that the child was born.

Here are some of the shepherds who came to adore the Child -taken from Volume 1 of the poem

  • Levi

  • Samuel

  • Jonah

  • Isaac

  • Tobias

  • Jonathan

  • Daniel

  • Simeon

  • John

  • Joseph and Benjamin who were twins.
Here we have the angel appearing to the shepherds

Anyway, I am about 1/3 of the way through the first volume - up to the Holy Family in Egypt. I am really enjoying it, it's straightforward and easy to understand, despite the fact the church presumably hasn't approved of it. Some say it is full of errors, well both are debatable. I am a simple woman with no theology degree let alone high school metric. I must admit I find it hard to understand the pope's encyclicals, and with all the scholarly terms, and sometimes it might as well be in Greek cause I haven't a clue what he's saying half the time. With the writings of the Poem, they are straightforward and easy to read and understandable, and did I say "I like it"?

Maria Valtorta writes down what she sees in visions, she is pretty descriptive, and relays the sights, the smells and most importantly, the reality of what it was like during the time Jesus lived. Every moment/vision of Christ's life is then followed by a commentary by Jesus or Mary who wants to talk about the most important points and lessons of that chapter.

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