October 22, 2009

This old blog

I have had a hard time finding the perfect blog background, as you may have noticed, I keep changing it. I can't make up my mind. Not only that, it's because I don't have the knowledge to do it myself. I also do not and cannot at this time, download photoshop because my computer sucks lol
I have seen some beautiful designs all over the blogosphere, but my computer is giving me troubles (oyvey) what a headache!

I can't download anything now since this machine keeps telling me it has no disk space. It also runs real slow. I have no idea how old it is since I got it for $200 at a pawn shop. I completely deleted all my pictures, and my documents and all my favorite websites and still; after defragmenting my files I have less than 1% available space. I have decided the only way I'm going to enjoy my computer is to get a new one, so, I hope to have one by the end of November. Pray for it :)

Before this computer dies, I want to thank all the blog designers (God Bless thecutestblogontheblock.com) who have contributed in making blogs everywhere look great and even better, for free. kudos. You deserve a gold star (if I could only make one) :P for assisting those of us who know jack about it. Anyway, I still need a header. Anyone? Feel free to respond to this post, thank you.

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