October 29, 2009

The Safest diet

The safest diet is fruit, grains, and vegetables in their most natural forms.

Supplement your diet with NATURAL vitamins, minerals, and herbs. These are processed to make them pure, and nothing is added to preserve them or to enhance their flavor. By doing so, your body will receive a better-balanced nutrition to keep you in better health.

Watch too every thing you drink. Chemicals are used in water, which is the necessary ingredient for all beverages, to destroy germs and toxins. Purchase [bottled] water for human and, if possible, animal consumption. Read the label for any additives. It must be pure as possible.
And remember to bless your meals, your food, and drink, in Jesus' Name. Thank Him for all He gives you. Praise and thank Him for everything and live in His Love.

I was on Gary Null's website, and I found this. I am having a hard time finding a good vitamin and mineral supplement. Click here for more info.

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