October 12, 2009

Matthew Kelly is a great speaker

"You can learn more in an hour of silence than in a year from books" - Matthew Kelly
I believe God has gifted this visionary with powerful life lessons along with the ability to be one of the greatest public speakers the world has seen today. Matthew Kelly tells of how God spoke to him in one of his books 'Our Father' (well in other books of his to I imagine ) but the stories he relays are full of wisdom and truth. I went to see him once when he came to Calgary about 14 years ago, and he had my attention from start to finish. I particularly loved the story of the Man and his company.

The story is a CEO of a company who needed to come up with a plan to get his business on track. It was a Saturday, and he wanted to present it to his reps the following business day and that it would depend on every one of his representatives to follow through on this plan for it to work. His wife stepped out to do some shopping leaving the boy at home for dad to take care of. The boy was knocking on the study door every minute cause he was bored and wanted something to do. The Dad knew if he wanted to buy maybe 20-30 minutes to finish his work, he had to keep his son busy. After another knock on his study door, he thought to give his son a picture of the world, that he had ripped up in little pieces. The Father told him that 'if he could put it together he would give his son a dollar.' Knowing the son had no idea what the world looked like, he hoped that it would buy perhaps a half an hour or so.

So off the boy went. Sooner than he expected, there was a knock on the study door. It was his son, who was so proud and happy that he got the picture put together knowing he would make his daddy proud. However, the dad asked the boy how he was able to put the picture together so soon. He responded with:"Well dad, I didn't know what the world looked like but when I saw the picture of a man on the other side, I put the pieces of the man together, and when I was done I turned the paper over, and there was the world intact. I thought if I got the man right, the world would be safe.

Powerful! Inspiring! And, at that time, he was magnificent looking :P Nobody tells the story better than Matthew Kelly of course, except God the Father whom it originated from.

The above is my attempt at telling the story as I remember it, there are probably lots of errors, but I hope you got the gist of it anyway. You would do better reading his book 'Our Father.' I don't even remember if the story had a title or not. I think he just called it the business man.

You can get one of his books for free: Rediscovering Catholicism @ CatholicsComeHome.org. I bought the book. Unfortunately for those who live in Canada and outside the USA, we cannot get it for free. But for those who live inside the USA I strongly recommend the book . for you IT'S FREE!

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