October 16, 2009

This is soooo sad

This is a prolife video. It shows how babies are found in dumpsters and remembered in a mass in their honor . It's really sad and it made me cry when I saw it a second time . I am not one who pickets or anything like that , but I believe life begins at conception and that abortion is evil. Our LORD calls abortion , like violence against women and children, crimes of the heart. It is a crime against the innocent ; a silent holocaust.

If someone decides they are going to get an abortion , then it's their choice and nobody can stand in the way of their free will but if we educate and spread the word about what abortion is , then perhaps someone may hear and help prevent an otherwise tragic mistake.

Requiem for the Disappeared

St. Michael says:
"trouble is coming to this generation who constructs its towers with innocent blood and founds its homelands on crime; this sacrifice (abortion) alone pleases Satan "
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....abortion pleases Satan, because Satan needs human sacrifice to gain power, and so abortion is practised daily with so many not even being aware that it becomes a free-giving cult to the Devil. The devil thirsts for blood and he gets it now from the innocent.

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