September 5, 2010

Do Not Judge Your Neighbour - Jesus

ead this story. One day, some curious children found that the idea of going in search of something they could exchange amongst themselves was interesting.

At first, they found all sorts of nice pictures ; and then, they went in search of real-life experiences of different people ; then, they found news reports on movie stars interesting ; following that, sports celebrities, and finally, they became lazier, they no longer searched, they watched television.

They began commenting amongst themselves on the news on television, so much so that the subject of their conversations always revolved around what they had heard on television the day before ; and what was motivating them to speak with passion was the news relating murders, thefts, assaults, in reality, all that concerned their neighbour. They were not aware of what they were doing : they had chosen to speak against their neighbour.

This bad habit had instilled itself in them, so much so that it expanded, and they became judgemental. If they heard about someone who had said or done something against his neighbour, they, without knowing if all this was true, judged him ; they could not stop themselves anymore for evil had made itself a place in them. Because of their curiosity, those young people grew up with something that turned against them : judgement.

This evil could have been avoided if they had continued praying, following my laws of love, which would have guided them since my graces would have given them enlightenment.

But as they grew older, they moved away from all this and the evil within them became the master of what they were seeing, hearing, and saying. Their neighbour had become the target of their conversations, for this game, although innocent in the very beginning, had been used by Satan to lead them to committing evil.

My children, you, do you speak against your neighbour ? If you say no, then tell me, what is your reaction when you watch the news on television relating, according to their opinion, the details of children who were beaten, neglected and abused by religious persons, and now, as adults, the victims are denouncing them ?

Did you not judge them as well ? You see, you have born judgement while watching the news on television. Who permits you to judge your neighbour ? Who are you to know what happened in the lives of all my children ?

When you judge a single one of my children, you judge me, you also judge all your brothers and sisters and you judge yourselves. Do not take yourselves for me, I am the only one who knows all my children and who knows their actions. They will be before me and you, as well, will be before me. Amen.

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