September 10, 2010

Remember The Tragic Event That Changed America

ome people stuck around , watching, wondering what hit them, until the towers fell, and they were covered in dust. Man, if it were me, I wouldn't have stuck around that long.

Watch  -Part 1

Part 2

In Memory of those who died ... 
"Wake up from your sleep, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you". (Ep 5, 14)

The following are words of prophecy given to Vassula 10 years before the events of 9/11

I suppose it is an example of what can happen when people ignore or disregard the Signs and the Two Hearts Prophesying all over the world who are Mary and Jesus. IDRK


  1. A world changing event. Thank you for the remembrance.

  2. Hi Jenny , thanks for visiting :)

  3. Perhaps it is prophesy...I do not was however a world changing event...sad, heartbreaking...Peace and blessings

  4. Dear Jackie,
    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts on my post. 'June Freaking Cleaver' gave me a link to CNN's list of victims. I read through it from A to Z and happily (for me), found no one I knew personally. My friend was not on the list.
    But reading all those tributes, I discovered people (victims) that I wished that I had known. There are about twenty individuals who really stuck out in my mind, just because of how their family and friends described them.
    I may write a special post outside of any meme about this.

    You asked me if I thought Islam was a punishment. I am not sure what to think about all of this.
    I'll have to return to this topic at a later time. I need to get some sleep!

    On another subject, that is still related, I would like to mention something that my mother brought to my attention.

    Right after the towers fell, there were no airplanes flying. But people needed to get home. My mother told me that flights where redirected over Canada to get people home.

    There are good-hearted people in Canada! The Canadians did what they could to help out.

    Bless you Jackie!


    For the benefit of other readers:
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