September 30, 2010

Bed Bugs for Beelzebul

My blood pressure rises just thinking about it. The invasion of them sends shivers down my spine and a pain in my back.  Bedbugs and Fleas are cause of undue stress ! I hate them! I don’t want to sound morbid, but after just having a baby , in July 1988, fleas were the last thing I needed to come home to.

Our two cats were left in the basement apartment for an unusually long amount of time . I felt bad about that , but I was struggling to survive in an abusive relationship and everything else was rather irrelevant as I could not care more about them then my circumstances allowed.

Anyway , we all know cats are the carriers of those little creepy crawly fleas and for that I hate cats too .

I was living in Vancouver, God knows why anyone would want to live there to begin with , ok yeah, blame it on my abusive husband , but it seems to be the case that most cats and dogs in that city have fleas . I feel sorry for them , I really do.

Our carpets were infested pretty badly  …it was like the plague! I didn’t want to stay there , you know I was trying to escape with my life from my abusive husband who never gave a damn about the cats or the fleas or me or the baby or the apartment ! He could have taken the cats out , cleaned the carpets , got the house fumigated before I came home from the hospital  . You would think any man in their right mind would do this for their family . Except I blame myself for not going to live with my aunt and my grandma and for not leaving him, and that flea infested forsaken hell hole.

I came home from the hospital with baby and it was like beelzebul sent a hungry swarm of fleas on me , when I went into the bathroom . The last sanctioned vestibule for a new mother, to have a shower .  It was the only place without carpet too, as I sat on the toilet I looked down and my ankles were covered in fleas! I screamed bloody murder.

I didn’t get much sleep the first night, and I watched my baby like a hawk in the crib right next to the bed, making damn sure no flea was getting near him or his swaddling blankets. It was funny too that my sister and her boyfriend came over and stayed in the other bedroom, but they left after about an hour, which was really longer than I expected because they couldn’t stand the fleas either . Each flea I squished with my nails, some had blood on them , no doubt from one of us , gross.

Our landlord had many cats upstairs so I got rid of our two cats , sent them upstairs with the others . This would not solve the flea problem but in the course of the following days we had our carpets removed and got new carpet installed at the landlord's expense . I got rid of all our furniture and things that might have had flea residue . It was an ordeal I will never forget .

Adult bed bug feeding on a human.

My experience with bed bugs happened 5 or 6 years ago .  My couch and chair were both infested with them . I had allowed certain people in my house who were living on the streets basically, and the bed bugs probably came in that way. This website and this video explain exactly what they are all about. If you don’t know anything about them rest assured in real life they are even worse..... it was a nightmare.


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