September 25, 2010

Wars Fuel Hatred to Surrounding

There are two powers to choose from for man: Love or Hatred.

Love is the greater power for it creates Life.

Whereas Hatred destroys life.

Only Love can give Life back to a destroyed life. The life of a soul. The flesh is the same as a flower, it is easily destroyed. Whereas the soul is immortal. It cannot be erased. It can however be denied Life by your own will.

Wars serve out hatred. For war is about killing and robbing life. Though the life wars destroy are flesh lives, each person has a soul. If a persons kills, it violates the order of Life. Wars, are a contradiction in terms of Judicial Punishment of Killing. A war is the greater hatred of man infested with Satanism, towards his fellow man. He violates even his own Judicial Law in his own country. This in itself is a contradiction. Why have this law if you kill your neighboring country's citizens whose blood is red as well?

Greed and avarice is why men kill other men. They covet their neighbor's goods, wives, land so forth. The Ninth and Tenth Commandments.

Thus, this Judicial Law is hypocritical in every shape and form.

If you tell your citizens not to kill, and punish them when they are caught, by putting them in jail, but go to other countries with arms and kill them for not even killing a single hair on your head, this is hypocrisy at the grand scale. This is what war is. A means to rob. Period. You don't like someone and you repeat Cains act.

God is true. Truth. He sees perfectly thus Guides morals in those who want good morals.

The rest are fodder for Satan's Cave. You make nice flooring for him.

Now, Jesus said, "do unto other's as you would have them, do unto you." If you go and rob another country, your country will be robbed. The punishment fits the crime. Thus, God warned the Leaders. They did not listen. Now it is time for God to act, in true Justice. He is perfect in Justice as He is in Salvation. He does not lack perfection. His faculties are not 'limited'; His Eye does not miss a single dot. His Memory is not faint. His Intelligence is not faulty.

Wars, are a no no. You will be punished for your injustices.

If your laws, cover certain issues, which you do not honor but use them to beat on your citizens, it will be recompensed to you two or threefold.

If your laws, cover certain issues, which you do not honor, but go abroad and declare a new set of laws, to rob and kill, it will be recompensed upon you two and threefold, nay ten times ten, and thus you will know that I am the Lord, Your Forsaken God.

Oh, men greedy for gain, but do not understand the laws of God, how do you expect to live? Knowing that you have greater sins then the rest of your citizens? I leave you to the dregs of Hell.

Peace be with you always

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