September 5, 2010

The Saturday Evening Blog Post

Welcome to the Saturday Evening Blog Post . 
Click on the above image to visit if you wish to participate and view other blogs .

This is where we pick one of our favourite blog posts from the previous month to share . I linked to two because I couldn't delete the first one lol. So I have incorporated them both into this monthly meme .

My first link is "...because I never made a dime from MLM". I don't expect donations through paypal either but I installed a paypal button because you never know . I only hope I can keep readers interested enough to read my blog and leave a comment once in awhile .
I leave comments and support other blogs cuz it makes me happy just to give .

The other one is an important message about the television and why we should turn it off ; "a weapon of mass-destruction for souls" which should be mass distraction.

Here's a good quote "Our Lives Change, when Our Habits Change" -Matthew Kelly

I found this website from surfing the internet and this guy is awesome . click the pic

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