April 2, 2013

B is for Badass Vampire

The BDB is an erotic vampire romance series cuz it's all about the love baby. Allow me to introduce you to one of the main characters badass vampires in the BDB series......

LOVER REVEALED :: Butch & Marissa
Brian O'neal aka Butch the Dhestroyer was the only human to be accepted in the Brotherhoods inner circle. I remember reading about him in Dark Lover when he was just a human cop and he liked Beth . It was before her transition when he met the fierce vampire warrior Wrath.

In Dark Lover Butch is a human homocide detective, who investigates the death of Darius-

As his story progresses he finds out he has vampire blood in him and in Lover Revealed he changes to a full vampire and becomes a brother. Lover Revealed is all about Butch and Marissa. He's also the piece of an important prophecy who can destroy the Omega hence why he is called the Dhestroyer.

Butch is a Badass ex-cop turned vampire warrior who becomes Marissa's hellren.

Butch O'neal

“That's you," Wrath said. You shall be called the Black Dagger warrior Dhestroyer, descended of Wrath son of Wrath."
"But you'll always be Butch to us," Rhage cut in. "As well as hard-ass. Smart-ass. Royal pain in the ass. You know, whatever the situation calls for. I think as long as there's an ASS in there, it'll be accurate."
"How about bASStard?" Z suggested.
"Nice. I feel that.”
― J.R. Ward, Lover Revealed


  1. Love the title of 'B" and your website. Stopping by and to share the love.

  2. Sounds like an interesting story.

    1. These vampires are very interesting :)

  3. Sounds like a great Vampire read! Thanks for the B post!

  4. I like characters like that, who grow and change with the story.It makes them feel more real.

    You read Tintin in French? I'm envious!


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