April 17, 2013

O for Omega

The Omega is the Ruler of Dhunhd (hell) and is the Scribe Virgin’s brother. He is the evil god that wishes to destroy the vampire race out of spite and envy.

Unlike his sister, who was given a one time gift of creation , the Omega takes bad humans and turns them into Lessers . So basically, his weapons in destroying the vampires are the lessers.

The lessers (usually rapists, murderers and criminals) are inducted to become undead by having their heart ripped out and placed into jars and the Omega’s blood pumped into them. His blood is black and they smell like baby powder. He rapes them and from then on they don’t eat or sleep and can’t get it up, so that nothing distracts the lessers from the Omega’s mission.

He is evil, sadistic, genocidal - and literally an animate figure of living darkness. He’s also gay.

The Omega brought Lash into the world as his weapon against the Dhestroyer prophecy. Remember Butch O'neal the Dhestroyer? Butch has the ability to suck the essence of the lesser into his mouth and the idea is when all of them are destroyed in like fashion the Omega will also be powerless. But, Lash was born of a human female and is somewhat of a failure to the Omega so far.


  1. Creeepy dude. Darkness like that scares me!

    1. I know, that's why I hate horror movies. They're eeeeeeevil.


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