April 24, 2013

Undead Ulstead

Black-Dagger - A Lesser
I have to laugh at how utterly hilarious and stupid Lessers have become. Mr. X, the forelesser is usurped, when Mr.O doublecrosses him. Then Ulstead - the calm undead guy with a head on his shoulders manages to become Mr. O's right hand man ,  but is later killed simply because O's tired of him and the Omega favors O more than him lol irdk. They do seem to have problems with management though.

The lessers look like albinos with white hair and eyes. They smell like baby powder and have black blood running through their veins.

U appears in Lover Awakened.

Dawn was just arriving as U walked up to the cabin and opened the door. He slowed as he stepped inside, wanting to savor the moment. The headquarters were his. He had become the Fore-lesser. O was no more.- Ch.39 page336 Lover Awakened

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  1. Well, at least they smell good. White eyes are creepy. Have you seen those freaks who tattoo their eyeballs? *shudder I would imagine they would look like these Lessers a bit.


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