April 9, 2013

H is for Havers

Havers is the vampires doctor/surgeon. He is Marissa's brother, however he declared that they were no longer family when he evicted her from the family home. He runs a clinic in his basement for all of the species, he also works in conjunction with his sister, referring possible cases of domestic abuse to Safe Place. Havers once attempted to have Wrath killed (before he rose to the throne) because of how he treated Marissa during their nonsubstantial mating.

Havers wears bow ties because he thinks they are more dignified, more refined.


  1. Bowties do make a certain statement. I think I prefer them.

  2. Bow ties are cool

    I like fog. Did you have fun walking in it at the park? We don't get a lot of fog here so I don't get to walk in it much.


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