April 4, 2013

D is for Darius

Darius , foresaken Son of Marklon, was raised in a wealthy family, lived in a castle, and was a member of High Society. After his mahmen passed away, he was sent to the Bloodletters camp, until he was inducted into the Brotherhood. He became a fine warrior and even trained Tohrment . While he was alive in Caldwell New York, his main concern was for his daughter Beth to come through her transition alright. So he asked Wrath to help her out, and soon after, Darius is killed by a car bomb, planted by the Lessening Society. After his death, when he was in the Fade, Darius begs the Scribe Virgin for a chance to know Beth. In exchange his voice and memories are taken from him and he is reincarnated as John Matthew.


  1. Haven't read these but he sure is cute! We love a different Darius... from the House of Night series!
    Dani & Jax @ Cover Girls

  2. That's a cool theme-- I'm sure fans would love it!

  3. Well that was a nice treat to be greeted with on visiting your blog from the A to Z Blogging Challenge!


  4. Talk about a plot twist and a character with a lot of problems. Some characters just seem to suffer so much. Mean authors...oh wait, I shouldn't have said that. I now have about ten characters glaring at me.


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