April 10, 2013

I is for iAm

Trez and iAm are brothers and are called Shadows or Moors. iAm is the quiet one. They are both royal members of the s’Hisbe of Shadows (suh-HEEB), but we still don’t know what that means other than they are both very strong and very powerful. They make up Rehvenge's private guards who stand outside his office and watch over things at ZeroSum.

iAm runs Salvatore’s Restaurant . The previous owner ran up some major gambling debts and exchanged ownership of the restaurant in order to cancel his debt to Rehvenge and his continued good health. iAm insisted that the sauce recipe be included in the deal. Under his management, the place actually turns a profit. With Rehvenge’s ‘staged suicide’, iAm inherited Sal’s, while Trez got the Iron Mask.   iAm was once in love with a female Trez has never met and it left him feeling miserable. He doesn’t talk about it.


  1. Well. That is one fine man up there:)

    1. lol , thanks for commenting . He's just an actor who once starred in Days of Our Lives *ashamed to even know that *

  2. HA! I remember him! Funny. I like the pretty mens :P


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