April 27, 2013

X is for Xhex

Xhex's story is told with John's in Lover Mine.

Xhex (pronounced Hex ), daughter of No'One/Autumn, is a half sympath masculine female. She is Revhenge's second in command. Xhex is also mated to John Matthew (Tehrror). She was named by Darius.

Xhex was conceived by her mother after she was raped by sympaths near/during her needing. Unlike Revhenge, her father was a common sympath, not royal nor aristocratic. Xhex controls her sympath side with cilices on her thighs. 

Xhex is an assassin by trade, a profession she enjoys, but for most of the series, she works as head of security at Revhenge's club, ZeroSum.

Xhex and John's romance is, to say the least, a rough one, but one with a happy ending.

Roughly 20-25 years before her involvement with John, Xhex was involved with another Black Dagger Brotherhood warrior- Murhder- who disobeyed orders not to go to the sympath colony where she was being held captive. He is believed to have gone insane after hearing that Xhex is part sympath.

Symphath: Subspecies within the vampire race characterized by the ability and desire to manipulate emotions...

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  1. I would like that Smyphath ability, I think!


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