April 1, 2019

A is for All Men Die in A Song of Ice and Fire

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From the shores of Dragonstone to the frozen lands beyond the Wall, comes the 10th anniversary of the 2019 AtoZ Challenge . . .

Warning. There may be spoilers

All Men Die in A Song of Ice and Fire 
In the prologue, three men of the nights watch go on a scouting mission to locate a group of wildlings just north of the wall. They find the bodies of the dead wildlings strewn about on the cold winter forest and crazy Icemen with icy blue eyes. "Do the dead frighten you?" Waymar Royce says. He should've paid more attention.

Fun Fact: The first scene of the series was shot in Northern Ireland and took 10 weeks to create. It was my favourite Wall scene until people started climbing it. I thought it couldn't get any better. It shows how massive and vast it is.

We learn that in the Age of Heroes, Targaryen's rode on dragons, and grumpkins and snarks are real. The people of Westeros don't believe in such things as White Walkers and that Children of the Forest are only fables. They do exist, however, on the other side of the Wall to whom the Watcher's On The Wall protects and guards Westeros against.

A song of ice and fire means a song between Rhaegar (Fire) and Lyanna (Ice), which triggers the war and everything after it. Source

I also think the Army of the Dead and the Night King are the ONE TRUE ENEMY and THAT war will be the ONLY WAR that matters. As Jon puts it mildly.

John Arryn was one of the first men to die in the Game of Thrones, by being poisoned. Two men of the Nights Watch, Royce and Gared got their heads chopped off by the Icemen, and Wil was beheaded by Ned Stark for being a deserter.

Let's play a game. 
Can you guess who the letter is?


  1. I'm not exactly a GoT fan: I only read one book, and then, when the tv series came out, I watched severa seasons, but that was it, but I enjoyed your post. Interesting insights and tidbits.

  2. Arya? Great post, and great theme ;))

  3. This is a book series I've quite enjoyed so far, so I think I'll return to read more of your thoughts on it :)

  4. Arya is the correct answer so Yes to Frederique! Thank you for playing. Make sure you come back to guess who the next letter of the day is. I'd love to see all your answers.

    Joanna - I've only read the first and the last book so far and TBH, I don't like George R.R. Martins writing style but I'm glad you enjoyed my post.

    Vinay- I haven't read all the books but I plan to eventually. I love the TV series but it feels like a train wreck ready to happen since season 7 and 8 books haven't even been published yet. I wish they didn't have to cram everything in and I really hope the books are nothing like the show and better*crosses fingers

  5. Absolutely love Game of Thrones and Song of Ice and Fire. My initial attraction was the mythology and links to Anglo-Saxon and Norse beliefs systems, the seven kingdoms and the ruling elites of the Dark Ages in Britain. So many comparisons to Hadrian's Wall and the War of the Roses, not to mention scenes from history in Europe and Britain.

    This is a fascinating post and I will follow with great interest. So sad the TV series is coming to an end, but I have this to read :)

  6. haha yes! I've only heard of Hadrian's Wall because of The Wall in GoT. I love the landscapes of Ireland and Iceland and Croatia, Malta and Spain. So beautiful. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Jackie,

    DH & I heard GoT is a great series and would like to watch it someday but we do not have HBO and hope one of our streaming services might pick it up. Our youngest daughter is a fan and swears by it. Your A2Z series this month while I can't make a purrsonal connection to it, I can learn the history of the characters and plot to give me a better understanding of the series.

    Thanks for visiting my Little Mermaid Art Sketch ARIEL post yesterday. :)

    Happy A2Zing!

  8. Jackie, I read the first four books, but haven’t been able to focus past the first chapter of the fifth book. I have only seen a few episodes of Season 1, because it was fairly faithful to the first novel. That, I believe, changed dramatically as the series went on, so on the remote chance the final novel does come out you can enjoy it without worrying about reading something just like the TV series.

    Joanna, I visited your site and tried several times to comment, but I couldn’t get through, my comments just kept vanishing every time I tried to save. Wordpress is not a user-friendly program, alas! But thanks for visiting my site.

    My post for today, on The Great Raven, is about horror writer Robert Bloch. Here is the link:


  9. I'm not a fan of games of thrones so I don't know what these means. but I like the guessing game's cute letter illustrations.

    thank you for stopping at my blog, have a lovely day.


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