April 16, 2020

N is for ...Novena

#AtoZChallenge 2020 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter N

A novena in the Roman Catholic Church is special private or public prayers on nine successive days. One of the Church’s most popular novenas is the Novena to the Divine Mercy, which starts on Good Friday and ends on Mercy Sunday. It has been instituted in the Catholic Church at the request of Jesus to St. Faustina. We are on the 7th Day of The Divine Mercy Novena in which I pray the Chaplet at 3 o'clock every day.

Novena of Confidence to the Sacred Heart.
“O Lord, Jesus Christ
To Your Most Sacred Heart,
I confide this intention ...
(Here mention your request)
Only look upon me
Then do what Your Heart inspires ...
Let Your Sacred Heart decide ...
I count on it ... I trust in It ...
I throw myself on Its mercy ...
Lord Jesus! You will not fail me.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in Thee.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I believe in
Thy love for me.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom Come.
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I have asked for
many favours, but I earnestly implore this
one. Take it, place it in Thy Sacred Heart.
When the Eternal Father sees it covered with
Thy Precious Blood, He will not refuse it.
It will no longer be my prayer but Thine, O Jesus.
O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
I place my trust in Thee.
Let me never be confounded. Amen.”
— Catholic Prayer

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