January 27, 2010

The Church, the only way to Salvation

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There is no Salvation outside the Catholic Church.

what does that mean?
Does it mean that unless you are a material part of the Roman Catholic Church you have little or no chance to make it to Heaven?
Does it even mean one must be at least a Catholic in the mystical sense (in the New Covenant) through a valid Baptism of some other church to make it to Heaven?
Jesus clearly revealed there would be many completely outside the Christian Covenant that would “sit down with Abraham in the Kingdom of Heaven” while many who were in the Covenant would be cast out (Matthew 8:11,12).

That there is no salvation outside the Catholic Faith has a far deeper and more profound meaning than how this is often interpreted by traditionalist Catholics. It means that without the Catholic Faith, and the Catholic Church in this world, all Gospel truth, no matter where else it may presently be found, would soon be extinguished, and thus all human life would be eternally lost. With that Faith and that Church presently in the world many are finding saving grace without knowing its fullness or even recognizing the Church from which it comes. The important point here is that one does not have to be conscious of the source of saving grace for one to experience it. God’s saving grace through the Catholic Church reaches many outside its walls and outside personal involvement with its Holy Sacraments!

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  1. Well said, Jackie. Thank you.

  2. Thank you! I really enjoyed reading this. I have had Catholics who have told me that anyone who is not a Catholic (including my entire Protestant family and even myself at the present moment) is going to hell. I have just not been able to wrap my mind around that, and you give a very simple answer that I wholeheartedly agree with.

  3. Thank you for this, Jackie!

    And your blog looks fabulous!! I love it


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