January 8, 2010

Winter Fun

Go skating

Enjoy a Tim Horton's Coffee

Go Tobogganing 


  1. Very nice. Lovely pictures!!! Cathy

  2. Calgary was mentioned on UK TV as being very cold last night. Here in Britain it's been -20C in some places. It is snowing again now.

    God bless.

  3. Thank you Cathy! I'm glad you liked them . I stole the skating pics from a guy named Mark on calgary20.com

    I hope the other ones don't get me into blarney <--- that's how the english say trouble right? lol anyway...I have been wanting to do some toboganning. If I get some great pictures I will make sure to post them here.

  4. Hi Victor, thanks for stoppin by . It's warming up ! The temperature is supposed to be +8 tomorrow by noon :) Overnight is supposed to be -3 , the cold arctic air is pushing east haha. Calgary is known for its chinook weather. Which means it warms and cools very quickly .

  5. Hi Jackie
    Just found your Blog and I like what I've found. Therefore, I'll be staying! I love your pictures - especially the tobogganing ones! God bless you Jackie.


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