January 23, 2010

We are made for Love NOT Hate, Peace NOT War.

I read a post on someone else's blog called "Praise the LORD , pass the ammunition" . While I love the Dixie Chicks and that song , I do not believe there is such a thing as a just war .

"War is a punishment of God to chastise men, and it is a sign that man is no longer a true son of God. When the Most High created the world, He made all things: the sun, the sea, the stars, the rivers, the plants, the animals, but He did not make arms. He created man and gave him eyes that he might cast loving glances, and a mouth to utter loving words, and ears to listen to such words, and hands to give help and to caress, and feet to run fast to assist our neighbours in need, and a heart capable of loving. He gave man intelligence, speech, affections and taste. But He did not give man hatred. Why? Because man, a creature of God, was to be love as God is Love. If man had remained a creature of God, he would have persevered in love, and the human family would have not known either war or death." - [from the poem of the man god volume 1 page 271.]

What is the 1st commandment? "You shall love your God with all your strength, and your neighbour as yourself".

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