January 7, 2010

Visions- a book by Victor S E Moubarak

I have recently been introduced to parts of a book that I think is brilliant. It is a challenging Christian book, a vibrant tale of supernatural events. Fast-paced storyline. Fr. Ignatius, the main character in the storyline, is a lot like priests today I think. I can't say if he is bad or not yet, however, we will know them by their fruits right? Anyway, I read the part about Fr. Ignatius breaks a leg, and it appears that, like a lot of priests, he has some things to hide. (lol a naked cherub) But I am speaking about the priest scandals and how a lot of them are bad, but I have never known one. However, I am aware of them. I haven't read all of it but what I have read is absolutely fantastic. It's called Visions by Victor S E Moubarak. If you click on the picture, you will be taken to his blog. I recommend you check out his website too. The links are provided on his sidebar. Thanks

If anyone is familiar with Medjugorje, this book tells all about the "Visions of the Children"- by Janice T. Connell.


  1. Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for mentioning my book.

    May I say that the stories about Fr. Ignatius on my Blog are totally separate and supplemental to the book. The Book "Visions" stands by itself and tells the story of Apparitions of Jesus in a small town near you. People react differently to the news - some even resort to violence to stop the story from spreading.

    It's a traditional story-line in a modern context challenging the reader to ask what they would do in such circumstances.

    I hope you enjoy reading it. Please let me know what you think when you finish it.

    More information on my website www.holyvisions.co.uk

    Thank you again for publicising it here.

    May God bless you for your kindness.

  2. My other comment didn't post :( anyway, thanks for clearing that up for me , now I understand!!


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