January 29, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday


Got caught up on our bills this month. The stress was I had forgotten to pay HBC, and the phone was ringing off the hook, argh, and we even got a letter from the creditor, my first one ever, but that was taken care of phew.


I got my period. You may think that's a silly thing, but when you're my age, I keep wondering when I'm going to hit menopause and 'IT' still never ceases to come back. By now I'm pretty good at knowing when I'm going to get my period. I usually get emotional and weep over every little thing. But I am a little concerned when 'IT' doesn't come regularly, that's when I think I get more impatient and snippy.


I don't know what the weak spells are from, but I get sudden weak spells, and my ears start ringing, and I start to shake, then I start sweating. It's weird. It usually happens when I don't eat, though . I am also terrified I will pass out. I was at Safeway once, and I broke out in a sweat at the check out counter. I was kind of embarrassed, but I don't think anyone noticed. I wonder... would they have seen if I had passed out? lol .

My neighbor came over to visit. We talked about starting a bible study. I got this Catholic Scripture Study awhile ago from http://www.cssinfo.org/and have been meaning to do it, but I don't know where or when or even how.


We ate take out food 3 times this week. I hate cooking, poor Phil. One night we ordered Pizza, another night we had Subs, and tonight we had hamburgers. Disgraceful I know. I'm trying to lose weight. I think I should do the Master Cleanser again.

I went grocery shopping, but only spent about 45 dollars I loved sweet peas and bought a big bag of them. I also bought another refillable scented thingy.They don't last that long or the batteries don't, one or the other lol. I have 280 dollars to the budget for two weeks woo-hoo, that's pretty good considering we both smoke *cough*. We can't complain cause we waste our money.


I don't do laundry every day, so the laundry piles up in the corner of our room, in a hamper of course, but we bought it at Ikea, and it has no lid, anyway, I am reminded when it begins to stink lol.

It was Sunday, and the Laundry room in our building is on the main floor. We live on the 8th and so occasionally my boyfriend, Phil, helps me on his day off, and I usually look forward to it. Honestly, I already know men don't know how to wash clothes or fold towels and sheets :P but the argument was partly because of my impatience and partly because people don't know how to fold clothes. I want it done my way dammit!


  1. Okay, I need to chime in.

    #3 I get the same way when my blood sugar drops. I hate it. I'm not diabetic and have not been diagnosed with hypoglycemia but the only thing that helps is a quick surge of calories (orange juice, fruit, raisins, whatever) I find that if I eat consistently and not skip meals I do better.

    #6 Oh girlfriend...as your neighborhood respiratory therapist I have to advise you to quit smoking! I'd be remiss if I didn't. I used to smoke, also, so I know how difficult it is to quit. Want to know how I did it? I had a history of 3 miscarriages and was newly pregnant with Paul. I was struggling to quit when I started to have some bleeding. I was sent for a sonogram. I swore a promise to God, prior to entering the radiology center, that if this baby was okay I'd quit right there and then. Everything looked good. I couldn't go back on my promise to God, now could I. I threw out an almost full pack of cigarettes, along with my lighter, in the trash cannister just outside the building and never looked back. Yes it's hard but take it minute by minute, hour by hour.

    Okay, off soap box now. Carry on! :o)

    BTW...you are one prolific blogger! Always something interesting to read. I may not comment on every post but I do read them.

  2. Thank you so much for the advice! I know, I quit smoking for 10 years when I was pregnant with Curtis my second child and consequently had all my other ones in a smoke free environment :) I have a Paul too!! Anyhow... what helped me was relaxation and deep breathing when I was pregnant . I need to quit again and it's my will that is in the way ...again. The hard part is my boyfriend is a heavy smoker and I worry about him . Second hand smoke is way worse ,it's wierd but I can't stand it ,even though I smoke , I get angry with his smoking all the time . He needs to stop . Maybe if I stop , hopefully he will . Anyway , enough about smoking...and I am tickled pink about your comment on my 3rd take . I don't know how many times I've been tested for hypoglycemia and nothing. I don't have diabetes either but my blood sugar levels are out of whack you think? lol

  3. Oh polly, forgive me , I assume your baby is alright ? You're not the only one who has made promises to God and kept them! I was reading about this lady who was healed right after she made a promise to God . you can read her story here: Testimony of JNSRThe official website is here: JNSR


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