January 23, 2010

Submit Not To Allah!

This video was made by 3 former muslim women . Some of you may think it is just another anti-Islamic video and therefore not politically correct or however you think. That's fine but I am against Islam. That doesn't mean I am against the Muslim people. I am trying to understand , what is happening in our world today, and why Islam has suddenly become popular after all these centuries!

I am against the Islamisation of Christian nations. I don't believe they are a peaceful religion and they need a conversion . I believe Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way, Truth and Life. Their can be no PEACE without Jesus Christ who is the King of Peace. This is why I feel it is a LIE that they think Islam is a religion of peace. NO! It is a worldly kingdom . Jesus' Kingdom is His Church .

Another reason is, I think the Anti-Christ will be a Muslim cleric , according to a message I heard given through John Leary.

I could not be a Muslim because they believe Islam is THE way of life and it totally rejects the Trinity and Jesus Christ as LORD!

Islam was practically unheard of in this country when I was growing up , or perhaps i just wasn't aware of them in Canada until 9-11. I believe they are deceived .... it seems like ancient pagan idolatry to me.

Submit Not to Allah!

They bow to mecca and worship Allah who isn't God like many people think . Allah was the name of a black stone that the people worshipped. Allah is a pagan god! They had many idols and that was one of them . Mohammed desecrated all but that one . Why? Why do they do that? They are after all human and God's creature also . However, God is a Trinity! I believe that Islam is a false religion and Mohammed a false prophet.

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