January 7, 2010

Why is Mary appearing all over the world?

Jesus tells us it is because He is sending her to prepare us for His second coming . He said that He came through her the first time , and He will come again through her the second time .

Let My Imperial Court Prepare For Me My Way I Am Sending You Before Me My Mother
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- tell Me, when a king enters into a city, will there be no preparations to receive him? the whole city will be in turmoil and the king will send before him his elect and his imperial court to prepare a way for him and make his paths straight; he will send his messengers to announce his coming; he will ask them to shout with a loud voice: "here is your King, your King is coming with His Heart in His Hand to offer It to you! Mercy now leans down from heaven and from His Throne; He has taken pity on you;"

this is why, before My Return, I am sending you, before Me, the Ark of Alliance, I am sending you the Woman of the Apocalypse, the second Eve, who will crush the serpent's head with her heel; I am sending you, before Me: My Mother, to open a broad highway and level it in this desert; I am sending you the Queen of Heaven, the Door to Heaven, to prepare you, and to school all you who still lie in the dust, to come forward and make your peace with Me, your King, before My Great Return; I am sending you the Queen of Peace to thresh from one corner of the earth to the other and gather you one by one;

I am sending you, before My Great Return, My servants the prophets, to remind you of My Law and to turn you back from your evil ways and live holy, and announce to you events before they take place;

I am sending you My angels to remind you of My Holiness, My Magnificence and My Splendour; I am sending you My mouthpieces to shout and proclaim on the rooftops of your houses the Wedding of My Holy Spirit; I will not grow weary of calling you to wed Me; I will not get discouraged by your hostility nor by your aridity;

I will be in pursuit of your heart and like a young man marrying a virgin, the One whom you wounded all along will wed you; and I, in My Love, shall make you replace the Thorns encircling My Heart, by a flowered Wreath; and like a bridegroom wearing his wedding wreath, I too shall wear it, because this wreath will be My Wreath of Victory; this will be the Prize of My Mercy ....(link to source end of summary)

In Orthodoxy it is tradition that a couple wear a wreath.
[click on the image for a history of the marriage ceremony]

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