January 30, 2010

WestLRT-route-animation- Boring Posts For Saturday

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Take a ride with me on the LRT . It is a conceptual animation of the West end C-Train line that is going to be built soon and will be finished sometime in 2012 hopefully. It's about time and I am pretty excited about that , can't you tell? lol . Yes, I even uploaded it to Youtube so you better enjoy it *j/k btw :P

It's exciting cause I live where the future Westbrooke Station is going to be; see that building?

See where the Train will stop?

what? You want a closer look of where I live?

No stalkers allowed . We have security .

Here is a view from our window late April 2009 . We moved here in March .

That's Calgary . I live across the Shagganapi golf course .


  1. I can definitely tell you are excited!!

  2. I am :) only I imagine it boring for outsiders.


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