October 3, 2014

Salem's Lot ~ The Marsten House

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Welcome to DAY 3 of the Salem's Lot read-a-long! 
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The Marsten House

  • Post a picture of a creepy haunted house

The Marsten's House is described as creepy. In the following paragraph, what are some adjectives Stephen King uses to fulfill that sense...
 " The house itself looked toward town. it was huge and rambling and sagging, its windows haphazardly boarded shut, giving it that sinister look of all old houses that have been empty for a long time. The paint had been weathered away, giving the house a uniform gray look. Windstorms had ripped many of the shingles off, and a heavy snowfall had punched in the west corner of the main roof, giving it a slumped, hunched look. A tattered no-trespassing sign was nailed to the right-hand newel post."

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