October 12, 2014

Salem's Lot Read-a-long ~ Chapter 7 Matt

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Matt Burke asked Ben to speak to his English class . Do you think the subject of vampires came up? Anyway, Ben goes to Matts house for dinner and they talk about Bens book, the Marsten House, the disappearance of 4 children in the '30's , Straker, how the Glick boy died from pernicious anemia and they agree to pay a visit to Mr. Straker at the Marsten House, sorta like a welcome committee.

Matt goes to Dell's and finds Mike Ryerson looking sickly and thought he was on drugs. His face was pale showing all the symptoms of having been bitten by a vampire. Even though Matt doesn't know that, he makes the mistake and invites him home . Matt doesn't try to rationalize things when he hears a voice inviting someone to "come in" ....the window opening ...... evil laughter of a child.... and sucking sounds. No he knows what he heard and he is frightened .

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