October 21, 2014

Salem's Lot ReadALong Chapter 14: The Lot (IV)

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* Many families in Jerusalem's Lot, including the Crocketts, have been turned into vampires.
*Sheriff Homer McCaslin had gone out to the Norton's house when Susan, who is now a vampire, didn't come home.
*Mark had gone to tell Ben what'd happened to Susan at Eva's boardinghouse.
*Ben finds Susan's car parked on the side of the road empty and the sheriff's gun lying on the ground next to it.
*Matt, Mark, Jimmy, and Ben decide they should go to Marsten House and kill Barlow.
 * The vampire hunters go to Marsten House. Straker is dead, but Barlow is not there. They find Susan and Ben kills her with a stake in the heart.
 * Father Callahan and Mark go to Mark's house where they try to tell Mark's parents about the vampires, but they do not believe.
 * Barlow comes to the Petrie home and kills Mark's parents. Barlow threatens Mark, but releases him when Father Callahan agrees to fight him on faith alone.
 * Father Callahan refuses to drop his cross, giving Barlow the power to control him. Barlow forces Callahan to drink his blood.
 * Callahan can no longer enter his own church, so he takes a bus out of town.
 * Anne Norton attempts to kill Matt, but is overpowered. She later dies.
 * Ben, Mark, and Jimmy begin searching the town for Barlow.
 * Jimmy and Mark go to the boarding house to find Barlow. Jimmy is killed when he falls down a booby trap prepared by the vampires.
 * Ben and Mark return to the boarding house after learning Matt has died and wash in holy water. Ben is able to kill Barlow with a stake through the heart.

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