October 2, 2014

Salem's Lot: The Prologue

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Welcome to DAY 2 of the Salem's Lot read-a-long!
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According to a Portland Maine newspaper article Salem's Lot is haunted and nobody lives there anymore . The obvious conclusion would be because it was overtaken by vampires. But how? Where did they come from? A boy and a tall man with black hair appear to know more then anybody else about the circumstances surrounding 'Salem's Lot, that he'd drive more than forty miles every week just to get the newspaper. These two characters are travelling south in a beat up Citroen Sedan, running from something that happened a year ago in Jerusalem's Lot . Who are they? The man is a writer, and appears human, looks like he could be the boys father, but it baffles me because of a nightmare he would go back . .  back to the place where I assume it began . Also, the priest in Los Zapatos, Father Gracon, might've prompted him. The priest was very sympathetic after hearing the boy's confession, but the whole dark unknown was worrisome.
I felt like a blind person groping in the dark, because instead of starting where most tales begin we begin at the end where nothing really makes sense. Salem's Lot appears to have a ton of characters I expect we will be meeting in the course of the book.
What did you guys think ? Did you get the feeling that their were dark things ahead ?


  1. at the beginning I thought that there might be some informational mismatch but I got(as usual with King) that everything was right

    and of course the Marsten House and its new owner are the darkest things of this book

    1. Yes!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was an awkward situation for the readers.


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