October 16, 2014

Salem's Lot ReadALong Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten 

  • Who wakes to find her child dead in the beginning of Chapter 10? What is this person's reaction? 
  • When Marjorie Glick wakes up sick after a specific dream, what symptoms make the reader believe she has been bitten by a vampire? 
  • What do Franklin Bodden and Virgil Rathburn find when they visit the dump in Chapter 10? 
  • Who comes to Mark Petrie's window and asks to be invited in? Why does Mark initially refuse? Why does he change his mind?

The town knew darkness. It kept many secrets. Awful dirty secrets which would never be brought to light, but the man dressed in black knew them all. He himself would never walk in the light of day.
Susan McDougall never awakens to her child's yelling because her child never woke up. Her baby looked more beautiful than he'd ever looked before but he was dead. For that reason , she screams in horror.
Marjorie Glick was on the verge of dying in her living room. She'd had a strange dream about her son Danny consequentially she was weak and sensitive to the sun and her teeth were white and protruding. Floyd Tibbits dies in his cell and his body disappears from the morgue.
Frank and Virgil find the gates to the dump closed and Bud Rogers the operator missing.
My favorite part in Salem's Lot was about Bonnie Sawyer and Corey Bryant. It was brilliant! I felt sorry for Corey but at the same time justice was served.What about the idea expressed by Mr. Barlow that likened Reggie Sawyer to a greedy...fat....pig? Do you think that was a fair, however pernicious assessment? Did greed really have anything to do with it? I thought it was interesting.
When Mark Petrie was getting ready for bed he heard some scratching at his window. It was Danny wanting to come in and play. Mark wouldn't let him in at first but after grabbing a crucifix, he opened the window and warded him off with it.  How brave was Mark! He demonstrated his ability to deal with vampires on his own. 

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