October 23, 2014

Salem's Lot ReadALong Epilogue

Welcome to DAY 23 of  Salem's Lot read-a-long ! 
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Ben keeps a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about 'Salem's Lot. One article reports that a family who just bought a farm in 'Salem's Lot is leaving as they hear funny noises. Another article is about a car crash in 'Salem's Lot. The people who were in the car are all missing. A third article talks about a missing woman, and a fourth reports a man dyng of unknown causes. An article dated May 20, 1976 talks about some mutilated sheep. A May article reports an entire family who has come up missing. Another article dated a few days later says that their neighbor is in the hospital from a heart attack after seeing a face grinning in through her window.

In September, Ben and Mark return to Maine and stay in a hotel for a few weeks. They drive to 'Salem's Lot, get out of the car, and walk through the woods for a while. When they stop, Ben tells Mark that this is where the big fire that destroyed half the town started back in 1951. He lights a cigarette and explains that a fire would chase some of the vampires out of their hiding places, making them easier for people to find. It has not rained in 'Salem's Lot for weeks, and the fire index is high, so Ben deliberately drops his cigarette into some dead brush, and it begins to burn. They watch it until it burns a little stronger, and then they leave.

I thought it was a very optimistic end to Salem's Lot assuming that the town would be purified. Overall I didn't think Salem's Lot was "scary" . What did you think? 

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