October 17, 2014

Salem's Lot ReadALong Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven

Matt Burke is appointed head of research because of his knowledge for vampire lore, and arms himself by acquiring every book there is on the subject while he is in the hospital. He becomes like a Van Helsing for their small group and Matt's doctor, Jimmy Cody, agrees to help them. He's like a Dr. Frankenstein :) . 
The town of Salem is now under siege but nobody knows what hits them. Bodies disappear from the morgue , family friends are dying suddenly with no explanation. The little group who take it upon themselves to kill all the vampires, namely Ben, Matt, Susan and Jimmy, have to move fast. Susan's actions not to follow protocol lead her into the danger zone.

We can't help but feel the urgency in the matter with the vampires. Soon if they don't do something the whole town will be infested.

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