October 9, 2014

Salem's Lot ReadALong - Ben (II)

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Welcome to DAY 9 of Salem's Lot read-a-long ! 
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BEWARE! SPOILERS AHEAD! GO NOW and "read the damn book!" 
Ben and Susan are together at the Nortons for supper getting to know each other when Ann mentions Danny Glick died in hospital possibly from anemia. After dinner, Susan and Ben might've gone for a soda but instead had sex in the park. Ben finally tells Susan that his book is about the Marsten House and about the recurrent power of evil. What a coincidence! Salem's Lot is about that very same thing! Sameness must run in evil circles *JK Hubert Marsten, Adolf Hitler and Kurt Barlow. All the horrible atrocities throughout history are all caused by the same fellow. Neato *sarcasm. Can you tell I'm not a big fan of the devil? I do believe he exists and I don't like it.  Hubert was a mobster who killed many kids according to his sister-in-law and owned a trucking business as a front,  Mr. Barlow is a vampire, (god knows who he really is)  who we know to have killed at least one kid and is using his furniture store as a front. Marsten's wife Birdie could've been what Straker is to Barlow for all we know right? Same same different time. 

Susan tells Ben she loves him. He couldn't sleep thinking about that so he decides to drive to Dell's for a beer and meets Matt Burke the English teacher. Matt invites him to give a talk to his students the next day and he agrees to do it not only as a favor for a friend but the PR wouldn't hurt . 

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