October 1, 2014

Salem's Lot Read-a-long Questions for PART ONE



  1. Who are the tall man and the boy? 
  2. What does the tall man drive more than forty miles to get every week? 
  3. To whom does the boy make a confession?
  4. What house does Ben Mears make note of as he drives into Jerusalem's Lot? 
  5. How does Susan know who Ben is when she sees him in the park? What does this tell the reader about Ben's career to this point? 
  6. What obstacle do several characters point out stand between a possible relationship between Susan and Ben? 
  7. Who died in the Marsten House in 1939? 
  8. Why did Ben enter the Marsten House as a nine-year-old boy? 
  9. What is unusual about the format of Chapter 3? 
  10. Who sold the Marsten House to Straker and Barlow? Why? 
  11. What two boys are walking alone in the dark woods? Why? 
  12. What takes place in Harmony Hill Cemetery at midnight on the day depicted in Chapter 3? 
  13. Which children go missing in Chapter 4? Who sounds the alarm? 
  14. Which of the brothers eventually arrives home? What condition is he in? 
  15. What is unusual about the box that two movers are ordered to take to the Marsten House? 
  16. What does Hank Peters see in the Marsten cellar that he discusses with Larry Crockett?
  17. What does Mr. Glick demand Danny do during the funeral for Danny Glick?
  18. Who becomes convinced that Danny's eyes are open in his coffin? What does he do about it?
  19. What does Parkins learn from the FBI about Ben Mears' past?
  20. What does Father Callahan attempt to hide from his housekeeper? Why?
  21. What is the book Ben currently writing about? 
  22. What do Ben and Susan discuss is still living in the Marsten House? 
  23. Why does Ben decide to go out again after leaving Susan at home after their second dinner with her parents?
  24. Who does Ben meet while at Dell's bar?
  25. To whom does Ben give a speech about his writing career?
  26. What do Ben and Matt discuss over dinner in Chapter 7?
  27. Who does Matt run into at Dell's on Thursday night?
  28. What does Matt hear as he tries to fall asleep after allowing Mike to sleep in his spare bedroom? 
 On DAY 3  ~ Post a picture of a Haunted House

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