October 8, 2014

Salem's Lot ReadALong ~ Danny Glick and Others continues...

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CHAPTER FOUR : Danny Glick and Others section 6-14

It was Hank Peters who saw some clothes that belonged to Ralphie Glick in the cellar of the Marsten House and reported it to Larry Crockett but instead of going to the police Larry pays him to keep his mouth shut about it. What were Ralphie's clothes doing in the basement of that creepy house? What kind of foul play did it involve? Who put them there? Why does it always stink around Mr. Barlow? I get it he's dead and flies and rats are just gross but why not spiders? I mean c'mon ~ Flies??!! really? Do you think Kurt Barlow is the one called Lord of Flies? Parkins Gillespie does some digging into the disappearing Glick boys and questions Ben and Straker.

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