April 3, 2012

Coal To Capitol

The Letter C Chapter 3: From the Coal Mines to the Comforts of the Capitol 

This is not your basic rags to riches story.
Cinderella never fought in an arena, unlike Katniss, nor did she kill anyone. Gale is like "How hard can it be really?" I always knew him to be a very self-centered, narrow minded, selfish individual.

Here they travel on a train to the Capitol, located in a place once called the Rockies quite a distance from where Katniss lives, but with the trains high-speed it'd take less than a day. It is forbidden for any of Panem's citizens to travel except on official duty. The train is even fancier than the justice building where rooms come with hot showers and clothes to wear. She's never had a hot shower before because in the Seam they don't have hot running water, and she's never been on a train or to the Capitol before.

What turns me off about the Capitol is the Crazy Couture. I don't like their creepy fashions and colorful pageantry. Cinna wasn't bad but I think Effie Trinket is hideous so is the announcer with the blue hair, Caesar Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith, who was the voice of the announcer we heard in the arena. Cranes beard is cutting edge wouldn't you say?

Creatures of the Capitol
Caesar Flickerman - TV host and announcer

Cinna- Katniss' Stylist

Effie Trinket - Escort

Seneca Crane-Head Gamemaker


  1. Nice idea for a them and I enjoyed reading your post.

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  2. Looks like a really interesting read! Good luck with the Challenge.

    1. I thought the fashions were pretty creepy too. I am surprised you've never been back to where your parents were born!
      I hope you take a trip sometime and see.. and thanks for visiting my blog!

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