April 17, 2012

Odes and Obstacles

The Letter O Chapter 15, 17 The color Orange

Rue heals Katniss' stings with the same medicine leaves found in the Orchards of District 11.
In Katniss' orange backpack there was a pair of opticals but she didn't think they worked. Rue tells her they are night vision goggles. The workers used them to see at night when the torchlights didn't work. A kid in her district once got killed for wanting to keep a pair.
Katniss barely recovering from the bomb blast that hurt her ear in the explosion, goes in search of Rue. She's worried something might have happened to her when she hears a Mockingjay call and Rue scream. She finds Rue trapped in a net and before she could get her out, Rue is shot with a spear to her chest.

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