April 7, 2012

Gamemaker Grudge

Letter G Chapter 7: Gamemaker Grudge 

Katniss is awakened by disturbing dreams and takes a shower. She ends up pushing all the wrong buttons and jet streams of cold and hot water make her jump getting her blood pumping which isn't a bad thing but rather annoying when she has to scrape the soap off with a bristle brush.

It is nearly dawn so she gets ready and goes downstairs for breakfast. She finds nobody around except an Avox servant (someone without a voice) so she pigs out on all the food. While waiting for the rest of her team members to show up-Peeta, Haymitch etc.. she sits by the window watching the sunrise and daydreams about her mother and Prim and what they must be doing right now.

She starts worrying about the training in the next 3 days and how well she will perform for the Gamemakers.

Peeta speaks highly of Katniss and her hunting skills and they decide to train together as a team. When he thinks there is no way he can win with his lack of skills, Katniss reminds everyone that Peeta can lift hundred pound bags of flour. Lol poor Peeta, he is such a good sport. I get a chuckle when he says "Yes, I'm sure the arena will be full of bags of flour for me to chuck at people". Katniss defends Peeta by saying he can wrestle. That's good. Peeta still isn't convinced. I think maybe he's feeling a little bit sorry for himself and he gets upset when he tells us about how his mother thought District 12 might have a winner because Katniss was a survivor. I think it made him jealous.

The training room is a big gymnasium below ground level. The gamemakers sit above the room and observe to see how the tributes do while they judge them. At the end of the training sessions they each have a chance to show their special skills privately. The gamemakers then decide on a final score for each of them. I guess the higher the score the better chances of being sponsored.

Katniss shows off her Archery skills. She does pretty good but the gamemakers don't seem to be paying much attention to her and she takes offense to it. Uh Oh. She sees the pig which they seem to be more fixated on, and shoots her arrow straight into the apple of the roast pigs mouth~! Great shot ! She takes a bow saying "Thank you for your consideration" and steps out. Her performance scored her an 11 and here she thought the gamemakers hated her.


  1. I hope to get to this book eventually. I'm sure I'll watch the movie when it comes out on DVD.

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  2. Arlee: You've said that before. Am I ruining it for you? I hope not, cause I'm not that good but perhaps I'm turning you off? ...anyway by all means read the books Arlee! :P


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