April 13, 2012

The Lake and Lucky Loot

The Letter L Chapters 12-14: Looking for the Lake and finds Lucky Loot

Staying alive in the game is one thing. Running for your life when the game makers let loose fireballs is another. They launch them at Katniss and lure her toward the lake, licking her wounds. Her leg is badly burned. Her injuries lead her to climb a tree for safety out of the way of the other Careers. They had been looking for her with lover boy.

Night falls, and a nest of tracker jackers high up on a tree limb looms over their sleeping heads unknowingly. They are large poisonous bees spawned in a lab created by the Capitol in war times, like landmines in the districts of Panem. It is the only thing that will save Katniss from the careers, and she's gotta try to drop it on them while they're still sleeping; if she wants to live. It's a perfect opportunity really, thanks to Little Rue's ingenuity for pointing out the nest of Tracker Jackers.

She has until sunrise before they wake up, to carry out her plan. A parachute drops a pot of ointment for her burned leg. Lucky Loot. Lives are at stake. All of them seem to have been bitten by the giant wasps including Peeta. Lucky for her she was able to retrieve the bow and arrow from glimmer who dies from tracker jacker poison. 

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  1. I do love the Hunger Games. Though I liked the book better, I did enjoy the movie as well.
    Happy A-Zing!


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