April 11, 2012

Juliet is upset

The Letter J Chapter 10: Juliet is not jovial

It was Peeta's idea to confess his love for Katniss and make the crowd think they were together. He stayed right to his feelings, but unfortunately, Katniss was furious because she thought it made her look weak --- and shoved him into a flower pot.(suck it up, princess)

Haymitch helped her see that it made her look more desirable. I don't think she needed aid for that, but I believe she was totally out of line for attacking Peeta the way she did. He has the right to his feelings, however, personal. I didn't like the way she acted, and it was like throwing salt on a wound, adding insult to injury. Not nice. I guess she hadn't exhausted enough of her temper back in her room the night before.

Ok, so a remorseful Katniss now thinks she owes Peeta for doing her a favor again, helping her gain more votes from sponsors. I'm sure if Gale were there he would have punched Peeta in the face no doubt, but he isn't. I can see her action appear in defense of Gale unintentionally, but she said he wasn't her boyfriend so whatever. I've always been on the Peetas side, can you tell? If the choice were mine, I'd forget about Gale. Hasn't her mother ever told her that it's not ladylike to beat on boys? Fyi mine didn't either.

I hope by now Katniss will realize how charming and utterly winning the boy in love is. She, on the other hand, was only made beautiful by Cinna, desirable by Peeta's confession, tragic by circumstance and by all accounts unforgettable That about sums her up.
Final instructions from Haymitch is to get as far away from the Cornucopia and find water. It is no place for them unless they want to be a part of the bloodbath. Haymitch wants them to 'Stay Alive.'

The time in the arena can last for weeks, but there is no way of knowing how long it's going to take for them to die. The game makers don't reveal what the arena will be like either. Katniss hopes there will be trees.

That night..... She's feeling anxious and couldn't sleep so decides to get some air and finds Peeta also on the roof. It's a convenient place to talk when they both should be sleeping. Peeta opens up about not being a contender in the games and that he wants to die as himself without becoming a monster and a pawn in their silly Games. Okay well so much for a pleasant conversation, Katniss is like "I can't wait to cut him down and rip his heart out" wtf is wrong with her?

Cinna would bet on Katniss to win if he could. Aww, how sweet. At least he wins her heart. I'm so disillusioned by love at this point. Where is the Joy in it?

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