April 23, 2012

Time To Thresh

The Letter T Chapter 21: It's Thresh Time

The remaining tributes, sans Peeta, all come to the feast to get what they need. Katniss first sees Foxface tearing across the cornucopia grabbing her pack and disappearing, so she decides to do the same only she gets a knife to the forehead and a struggle ensumes. Clove wrestles her to the ground and teases her about killing her and what they did to Rue and Peeta.

If it weren't for Thresh grabbing Clove from behind, Katniss would have never made it back alive. Clove was about to cut her throat. Thresh overheard Clove talking about killing Rue so in defense of Rue he slammed her head against a rock. He looks at Katniss and says "Just this once 12, for Rue". Thanks to Thresh for sparing Katniss' life letting her go free. They both hear Cato calling out Clove's name so they run off. Thresh takes his and Cato's pack with him.
Katniss got what she came for . In her little pack was a loaded syringe with an anti infection drug that she will administer to Peeta.

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  1. I went back a bit and this is pretty neat how you're doing a Hunger Games theme to your A to Z challenge. =)


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