April 20, 2012

Risky Remedy

The Letter R Chapter 20: Risky Remedy

Peeta is so feverish and can barely drink the whole pot of broth after coaxing him for an hour.

It's nice seeing them together, and I love when they are in the cave, but I'm tired of Katniss' constant doubts about Peeta. Why can't she see that Peeta isn't faking it? He loves her for real.

She notices the temperature drop, and it must be because the game makers are manipulating the weather. It could either help Peeta at this point or hurt him- (I'm thinking because of his fever) She climbs into the sleeping bag with Peeta to get warm, but his body is sweltering. Should she leave him to sweat it out or let the cold weather cool him off? All's she can do is place some fresh bandages on his forehead.

Her selfish side starts thinking how much more vulnerable she's become since teaming up with Peeta because he is so sick and needy and she has to take care of him. By morning it looks like the Peetas fever has broken and she gives him some crushed berries. He is so happy having her with him.

So now that he's feeling a little bit better, it's Katniss' turn to sleep. He watches her sleep and naturally strokes her hair because HE IS REAL! Katniss is so stupid. He lets her sleep longer than she'd hoped to but gets up and starts attending to his needs again. His leg is getting a lot worse, but the pus is gone at least. They both know he has blood poisoning and in desperate need of a powerful remedy like an anti-infection drug otherwise he will undoubtedly die.

Katniss goes to make more soup, and Peeta wants her to tell him a story. She thinks it will take more effort than the soup. We hear about how she got some money to buy Prim a goat for her birthday, but she conceals the real story from the game makers about her hunting activities to keep the others from getting in trouble back home. She lies to Peeta as well by saying that she sold an old silver locket of her mother's. Anyway, she bought a goat for Prim from an old man, and it was a wise investment. Prim was thrilled with it. Nobody had to know where the money came from. The truth was that she and Gale caught a deer and sold it in the Hob for a good price.

Just then Claudius Templesmith makes an announcement that there is going to be a feast. It will have exactly what each one needs, so make sure to be there first thing in the morning because for some it might be their last chance. Of course, Peeta needs something robust and remedial. Will she risk her life to save Peeta? His life hangs in the balance. The fates will come to take him away if Katniss doesn't get to the feast, but it proves to be a battle of wits and stubbornness when it comes to Peeta letting Katniss go.


  1. Hunger Games, everywhere I go! lol

    I watched the movie and wasn't overly impressed. A fellow blogger advised the books were better so I am going to read the first one and see if it's true. I hope so!

  2. I'm sorry to hear you weren't impressed with the movie but thanks for stopping by my blog. Here you'll find the Hunger Games from AtoZ. I dunno about the book being better cause they all say that. Anyway I encourage you to read the whole series. In fact I just might read your new novel 'White Lies' in the month of May for the eclectic read challenge :)If I could get an advanced copy that would even be better.


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