April 12, 2012

Kids Killing Kids

The Letter K Chapter 11: Killing and Kissing are Key

Let the Hunger Games begin. Katniss comes away from the Cornucopia with a backpack, and a knife stuck in her pack from the girl who threw it at her from District 2. "Thanks for the knife," she says. She runs for miles into the woods. She was lucky to get anything at all let alone escape with her life after disregarding orders. At the end of the day, eleven are dead. She worries if Peeta made it out alive. I'm glad she's resolved to letting Peeta die from someone else rather than doing it herself *sarcasm*. I'm so happy he shook his head at her knowing Katniss, she would have wanted the bow and arrow after seeing all those weapons! They were told to run away from there and get to water asap. Peeta does. Katniss hesitates. Now she'll have to kiss him to deatIDKbut that's what I would do.

She settles up high in the tree for the night all alone and tries to sleep. Some tribute lights a fire and she thinks what stupid person would do that and then hears her scream. The careers attack the girl but Peeta ends up killing her. To Katniss' surprise Peeta is allied with the careers.

The boom of the canons, land mines, screams, blood, kids killing each other, make a jam packed action reality tv program from Capitol Entertainment.


  1. killer series and they did a wonderful job with the movie!

  2. Thanks for stoppin by Tara !

  3. Hi, Jackie! It's definitely a grim premise. I remember when I first heard about The Hunger Games I wasn't at all interested in reading about kids forced to kill kids. I did finally read it and it hooked me. I haven't seen the movie yet but I hear it stays pretty close to the book's plot so that's good!

    Hope you're having a great week and happy A to Z!!


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