April 10, 2012

Impressive Interview

The Letter I Chapter 9: Impressive Interview

The parade of tributes is forced to talk to a man named Caesar Flickerman, who embodies the inanity of the entire Capitol. He's as irritating as American Idol's Ryan Seacrest.

I'll never understand why Katniss doesn't make friends with Peeta or trust him. After all, he's done for her
" risked a beating to give me bread, steadied me in the chariot, covered me with the redheaded Avox girl, insisted Haymitch know my hunting skills"
Why is she so convinced they can't be friends? Because of her, they fail to form an alliance from the start. I'm sure she thinks she's going to die yet she promises to win for Prim. Why does she think she'll have to kill him? She's irrational. Yes, the games are unjust, unfair, cruel, barbaric, absurd and unreal. Peeta is a really nice guy but what he feels for her is real, and she has every reason to trust him.

Katniss spends the next 4 hours with Effie preparing for her interview learning how to walk in high heels and a full-length gown and all kinds of mannerisms like posture, sitting, eye contact, hand gestures, smiling. All this is irrelevant anyways seeings as they will all be dead soon but still, the point of the interview is to make the audience like her. I think Katniss feels indifferent towards the capitol.

The afternoon spent with Haymitch learning how to present herself isn't any better. He thinks she comes across hostile and has as much charm as a dead slug. She's mad at him and can't accept the injustice of the Hunger Games but has to try to be herself and answer the questions as honestly as she can.

Katniss takes all her anger out on everyone by smashing plates around in her room, and when the Avox girl tries to clean up, she yells at her too. Being Avox isn't the worst thing that can happen. There was really nothing she could have done to save the Avox' boyfriend without the risk of being one herself or dying. Oh, the injustice! Only a new uprising could change things where nobody would have to attend another reaping, play in their hunger games, get their tongue cut out, be punished for learning to feed their families instead of starving to death.

I love the dress Cinna made. It was very impressive indeed! It had fiery flames like the other costume and looked stunning on her. When she twirled, the dress engulfed in flames at the bottom. Peeta admits to all of Panem that he's loved her forever.

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