April 9, 2012


The Letter H Chapter 8: Haymitch No Harm Done

Katniss believes she failed miserably in the private audition with the gamemakers and they'll make her family suffer for shooting an arrow at them but she was only trying to get their attention. Nothing happens of course. No harm done. Being a tribute in their Games is punishment enough. Haymitch tells her if they wanted to punish her they'd probably just put her through hell in the arena. Oddly enough the advice she gets from Haymitch cheers her up. Peeta was also ignored but he didn't take it as bad or overreact like she did.

In spite of her hissy fit they thought she deserved the high score of 11. Peeta gets an 8, Rue got a seven and the careers scoring in the 8-10 range regard her with disdain. The higher the score the better chances of getting sponsors. I was a little suspicious for the Gamemakers giving her such a high score. In Catching fire we hear that Plutarch Heavensbee, the gamemaker who fell over in the punch bowl was part of a secret hidden rebellion that was planning to overthrow the Capitol. He's on Katniss' side and so is Haymitch but Seneca Crane isn't and neither is President Snow.

Katniss was really starting to miss hunting in the woods and the first time she met Gale. It was on a Sunday afternoon in late October while she was out hunting and gathering. She spotted a dead rabbit in a snare that belonged to Gale. He thought she was going to steal it and said "That's dangerous" but she was just curious and wanted to know how to set traps and snares because hers weren't working. They began trading their knowledge of hunting. Gale, with snares and traps and Katniss, with edible plants. Katniss gained a new sense of security having him around and became a better hunter. He was her confidant and a strong shoulder to lean on.

She never questions Gales motives but she always doubts Peetas. The difference with Gale is they were thrown together by a mutual need to survive whereas with Peeta the other's survival means their own death. It's quite easy to die in the hunger games if one chooses and I think Peeta would sacrifice his own life for hers. There is no telling what Gale would do. In my mind he would let her die.

Haymitch announces a change in plans when Peeta decides to be coached separately. Katniss does not understand it and questions his motives again.


  1. I love Woody Harrelson, loved him from CHEERS! Loved him in Cowboy up...loved him as Haymitch. Funny! I loved this part as well, Katniss was impressive and Haymitch a riot! I also love your Avatar...my daughters love "Monster High" and your little gal looks like the Vampire girl. :0) Thanks for stopping by my blog fellow Hunger Games Fan! A.D.

  2. Hi Jackie, loved your topic and had to add you to my A.D.'s FAV 5 for today...your number 1 !

    Happy Monday!

  3. I love love love Haymitch. He's such a terrific character. Well, everyone in Hunger Games is pretty much. Great post and happy A-Z blogging!

  4. The arrow in the pig is one of my favorite movie scenes. I loved Woody Harrelson in this role as Haymitch. I didn't think I would.


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